Agency Journey – Topics

Agency Journey is a monthly series detailing the happenings of my agency Barrel, founded in 2006.

Below are past episodes along with the topics covered in each.

Agency Journey Episode 13 (Y15M4), September 2021

  • The unstoppable force of human adaptation
  • DTC Patterns
  • Barrel Manager Growth Framework
  • The need to refocus on client outcomes

Agency Journey Episode 12 (Y15M3), August 2021

  • Building a Talent Acquisition Discipline
  • Modernizing Our Financial Systems
  • Launching Vaulted Oak, a New Agency Business
  • Staying Disciplined on the New Business Front

Agency Journey Episode 11 (Y15M2), July 2021

  • In-Person Partner Planning Meeting
  • Mid-Year Reflections
  • Barrel Maxims
  • All Feedback is Information (How we responded to negative Glassdoor review)

Agency Journey Episode 10 (Y15M1), June 2021

  • Celebrating 15 Years
  • New Talent Acquisition Manager
  • No More Fighting Fires
  • Agency Business Model

Agency Journey Episode 9 (Y14M12), May 2021

  • Launches & New Business Wins
  • Immunity to Change Map
  • New Org Structure
  • Prioritizing Talent Acquisition

Agency Journey Episode 8 (Y14M11), April 2021

  • Wes Celebrates 10 Years at Barrel
  • Quarterly Town Hall
  • Initiatives Across the Board (Impact of coaching)
  • Leadership (Making hard decisions)
  • The Downstream Impact of Business Development

Agency Journey Episode 7 (Y14M10), March 2021

  • Leveling Up on HubSpot
  • Agency One-Pager
  • Novus Global Training
  • Busting Through the Intuitive Fence
  • Systematizing Lead Generation

Agency Journey Episode 6 (Y14M9), February 2021

  • Making Meetings Effective
  • Sei-Wook Becomes a Dad
  • Tightening Up Our Services Offering
  • Reimagining the Way We Work (Moving to Asana)

Agency Journey Episode 5 (Y14M8), January 2021

  • A Week of Looking Ahead (Annual planning meetings recap)
  • Our Director of Client Services Starts
  • Profit Share Goes Out
  • A Few of Sizable Investments (Professional services membership org and coaching)
  • Project Delays and Their Impact
  • Team Structure, Utilization, and Leverage

Agency Journey, Episode 4 (Y14M7), December 2020

  • New Business Wins Just in Time
  • Director of Client Services Hired
  • Sales Schema Outbound Campaigns
  • Thinking About Business Structure (Pod-based model and accounts)
  • Writing Down Thoughts, Visualizing Ideas

Agency Journey, Episode 3 (Y14M6), November 2020

  • Director of Business Development (Dan’s promotion)
  • Director of Client Services Hiring Continues
  • Taking Time Off
  • 80/20 Principle and Managing My Time & Priorities
  • Vision, Intentions, and Questions

Agency Journey, Episode 2 (Y14M5), October 2020

  • Diversity Hiring
  • Promotions
  • Hiring for Director of Client Services
  • Initiatives to Make the Business Stronger (Leveraging software for the business)

Agency Journey, Episode 1 (Y14M4), September 2020

  • New Business (Wins)
  • Improving the Barrel Team Experience
  • Feedback (Team workshop and debriefs)
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Recruiting and Org Structure
  • New Business Leads (Marketing to drive more)