Hi, I’m Peter.

I’m a husband, father, dog-walker, and owner of a business.

I was born in Korea, immigrated to the US in 1989, and grew up mostly in New Jersey. I went to Columbia University for college and worked for a year at the now-defunct Lehman Brothers.

In 2006, I founded a company with a friend. It’s called Barrel, and we’ve evolved it into a creative and digital marketing agency that helps brands connect better with customers and improve their business performance.

I’ve cherished the opportunity to play many roles at Barrel, roles that include being a designer, a project manager, a copywriter, and a salesman. These days, I work on setting the direction of the company and oversee the design and roll-out of our services. My on-going goal is to become a better leader who can inspire and to build a lasting and profitable company.

I write from time to time about lessons learned from running a business. I’m also interested in the power of habits and like to jot down thoughts on how habits impact my work as well as my personal life. And lastly, I like to share my favorite highlighted passages from books and comment on them.

Outside of work, I like to spend time with my family, read, write, play basketball, and run.

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I also publish occasional blog posts about my own customer experiences and relationship with brands at Customer Journeyman.

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