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My Personal Finance Stack

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I’ve been revisiting the way I handle my personal finances in recent months and thought it would be good to list out my “personal finance stack” – the different accounts, tools, and workflows I have in place to handle my finances. Back in March 2015, I wrote about how I had missed golden opportunities in my twenties to invest earlier (see blog post). It was only when I turned thirty that I seriously considered putting my […]

Personal Finance: Making Up for Lost Time in My Thirties

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A screen capture from Openfolio showing the performance of my investments.

In my twenties, I rarely thought about my personal finances. I paid my bills, paid off my credit card each month, and kept up with my student loan payments. I didn’t think too much about retirement savings, and whatever leftover money I had, I kept in a savings account. It was only when I was close to turning thirty that I started to think more about my finances. A couple of blogs influenced me: Mr. […]

Loving Brunch at Home

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Here’s why I like eating brunch at home: You save money. Eating brunch at a restaurant can be pricey. $20-$25 has been the typical average for me with the occasional $40+ brunches where cocktails are involved. No long waits. Especially in New York, where brunch traffic can be horrendous. You make your own brunch time at home. I guess reservations help, but not all places take them. Healthier, if you want it to be. You […]