Month: September 2020

My Personal Finance Stack 2020: 6 Months Later

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It’s been an eventful past 6 months, and I wanted to revisit my personal finances to see how things have changed since my last update in March, when COVID-19 started turning into a pandemic in the United States, the market had hit its lows, and there was much uncertainty about what would happen next. The High-Level Summary In March, I saw our investments decrease by nearly 20% from their highs in late February. Luckily, my family […]

Agency Journey, Episode 1 (Y14M4)

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Intro to a New Series I’m 14 years and 4 months into running Barrel, a digital agency that I started with Sei-Wook Kim back in 2006. We’re a team of 30+ full-time employees and dozens of contractors all over the world. We work with a number of brands and organizations to build and optimize their websites and help them on their marketing efforts across email, social, and search. We’re on track to do about $7 […]