Stock Investing

Note: This is for sharing and educational purposes only and nothing here constitutes any kind of financial advice or recommendation.

I’ve learned a great deal over the years from those who share their stock investments (usually on Twitter). It’s opened my eyes to different types of businesses and brands that I would never have looked into otherwise. Plus, it’s always fun to learn about different businesses and how they’re trying to stand out from their competitors and grow.

I’ve published my personal stock holdings as a way to pay forward all that I’ve learned from others who’ve publicly shared their investments online.

I’ll continue to keep this updated whenever I make trades. I’m looking to hold for the long-term on these investments. Some I’ve held since 2013.

A note on the “Avg. Purchase Price” – this represents the weighted cost of shares. With several of these positions, I’ve added to them over time and so there are multiple purchase prices.

Investment Framework

Attributes to look for in a business:

  • Management team has clear vision and ability to execute
  • Growing market with secular tailwinds (I tend to stay away from cyclicals)
  • High gross margins
  • Recurring revenue streams
  • Moving towards or already in monopolistic / oligopolistic position in market (limited competition)
  • Pricing power
  • Growing revenues and cash flow

Investing approach:

  • Long-only positions
  • No options or derivatives
  • No leverage
  • No limits on single-stock concentration

When to potentially exit a position:

  • Business is disrupted by new technology and/or changing consumer behavior
  • Loss of key management team personnel that impact vision & ability to execute
  • Deterioration in quality of product
  • Deterioration in gross margins
  • Fundamental changes in market (no more tailwinds)
  • Personal need for capital (unrelated to company’s performance)