Month: September 2021

Agency Journey Episode 13 (Y15M4)

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The Unstoppable Force of Adaptation I sometimes find it frightening to realize how quickly we as humans adapt to new situations and take for granted or get used to situations that, just days or weeks ago, seemed out of reach or a very remote possibility. This goes for good things, unfortunate things, and everything in between. We are adaptation machines. We’ve been making a great deal of progress on many fronts at Barrel. We are […]

The Five Omissions of Reward-Centered Leaders from “The Motive” by Patrick Lencioni

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In┬áThe Motive, a leadership parable by Patrick Lencioni, he shares two types of leadership approaches: Reward-centered leadership: the belief that being a leader is the reward for hard work; therefore, the experience of being a leader should be pleasant and enjoyable, free to choose what they work on and avoid anything mundane, unpleasant, or uncomfortable. Responsibility-centered leadership: the belief that being a leader is a responsibility; therefore, the experience of leading should be difficult and […]