Month: August 2021

Agency Journey Episode 12 (Y15M3)

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Capping Off a Full Year of Reflections I began Agency Journey last September as a way to make space to reflect on the many decisions and various efforts that go into running Barrel. My hope was that in creating a record of my thoughts, I could A) personally benefit from the exercise of examining  and looking back on different highlights and challenges and B) help others by sharing my learnings and mistakes. The series has […]

Operating Rules Vol. 3 (Diet Edition)

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Note: This is Volume 3 of my “Operating Rules” series. Check Volume 1 and Volume 2. I’ve come to appreciate diet as an important lever for influencing my day-to-day wellbeing and also for giving me confidence about my long-term health. Eating is something we do multiple times a day and what goes into our body ultimately determines how our bodies function and feel. A lot of my food knowledge comes from years of watching videos […]