Month: August 2020

Operating Rules Vol.2

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My first volume of “operating rules”, written about 18 months ago, included the following: Get the unpleasant thing out of the way sooner than later Very few things are worth getting worked up over There’s no need to have the last word There’s no rush, stick to a pace that works for me Just listen, no need to provide advice Play offense, not defense Things I will never regret: time spent writing, time spent with […]

The No Exit Approach to Agency Business

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In the play No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre, three deceased characters find themselves in an unexpected Hell, a plain room where they are seated together, no instruments of torture in sight. As they learn more about each other and are exposed to their respective manipulations and fits of anger and sarcasm, it’s clear that eternal damnation is coexistence with other people, hence the famous line: “Hell is other people.” I found myself thinking about this […]