Month: June 2013

Five Podcasts I’ve Been Listening to Lately

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In addition to the daily in-take of e-newsletters, blogs, and books, I’ve become enamored of the podcast format. It’s a great way to passively gain knowledge and a lot of very useful content is being generated these days through this medium. I use my iPhone and the Podcast app to subscribe to my favorite shows. I’ve noticed that my listening skews towards things related to business and startups (and the obligatory This American Life). This […]

Trying to Stop Being an Email Asshole

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There are many days when I feel like email is my job rather than a tool that helps me to do my job. It’s what I check the moment I wake up and the activity that sucks a good chunk of my time each day. I’ve been good about keeping “inbox zero” and reducing subscriptions (I use, but I’m eager to read the latest messages and figure a way to reply as quickly as […]