Month: January 2013

Loving Brunch at Home

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Here’s why I like eating brunch at home: You save money. Eating brunch at a restaurant can be pricey. $20-$25 has been the typical average for me with the occasional $40+ brunches where cocktails are involved. No long waits. Especially in New York, where brunch traffic can be horrendous. You make your own brunch time at home. I guess reservations help, but not all places take them. Healthier, if you want it to be. You […]

Idea: Access to Company Materials

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How much would I pay to see another company’s materials? I’m thinking specifically about the materials of interactive shops and digital agencies whose work I admire and whose processes may be more sophisticated and evolved than ours. What exactly would I want to see? Here’s a brief list that I had in mind when thinking about client-facing materials: Capabilities/credibility deck Some examples of real project proposals A real contract Project documentation such as schedules, briefs, […]

New Website

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It’s been more than seven years since I redid my website. Back then, I poured quite a bit of time into my personal website, agonizing over the design, posting to my blog, and coming up with ideas for new content. But after things started picking up with my company Barrel, which is in the business of making websites, I didn’t want to spend any more of my personal time on yet another site. I also […]